A pending ordinance, which would create new rules for oil and gas facilities in West Pike Run, Pennsylvania, is putting many locals’ concerns at odds with the wishes of EQT Corp, according to the Observer-Reporter.

On March 19, the public was invited to attend a meeting to discuss the proposed changes to the township’s rules pertaining to oil and gas in its roughly 30-year-old zoning ordinance. Officials agreed to continue the hearing testimony at 6 p.m. April 16.

The biggest point of contention between locals and EQT is the 1,000-foot setback between the edges of new well pads and “occupied structures” such as houses that the current proposal would require. In addition, the new proposal would call for at least 1,000 feet between “the well head/well bore” and streams, springs and other bodies of water.

EQT is asking for looser setback provisions.

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