We all love traveling for fun – seeing family or friends, exploring new cities or relaxing on the beach. But when we’re traveling for work the thought of packing, airport security and flying feels much more like a chore. Odds are, you’ll have to travel for work at some point for a conference, client visit or company meeting. So we’ve got some tips that we hope will make your business travel more enjoyable and maybe even fun!

Plan Ahead

With TripCase as your handy sidekick this one should be easy for you. You can conveniently add as many trip items as you want to your upcoming trip: from flights and hotels to lunches to meetings we’ve got you covered. You’ll be able to stay up to date on flight times and have hotel information and meeting times at the palm of your hand (or on your wrist).

Pack Smart

Carry-on is the key to traveling smart and stress free. You won’t have to worry about your bag ending up in Chicago when you’re bound for San Francisco and if your flight gets canceled you have all of your items already with you. And this means less time waiting around the airport for your bag – the less time in the airport, the happier you’ll be!

carry on, suitcase

Add Some Fun

Chances are you’ll have a bit of free time during your trip, or at least we hope so! So why not get out of the hotel room and explore. With TripCase you can check out your Tripfeed for any exciting activities or dealsthat may be available in the area.


Stay Active

Chances are you’re going to be sitting in meetings for the majority of your day, so when you have free time head to the gym instead of your bed. When you work out, your body releases dopamine into your brain and you actually become happier, less stressed, and more energized. So just hit the hotel’s fitness center, or see our tips for staying fit while traveling.

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