OOGEEP, Kasich tout energy awareness

The Times Leader. October is National Energy Awareness Month, and the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program is recognizing the month by highlighting the prevalence of petroleum-based products in today’s economy. Throughout the month of October, OOGEEP plans to emphasize the indispensability of such products to the high quality of life enjoyed by Americans.

Gov. John Kasich issued a resolution proclaiming the occasion, and recognized the history of energy production in Ohio, the responsibilities of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and the continued development of the Utica Shale natural gas production.

“Energy inspires economic development through job creation, expansion and retention, stimulating local economies, developing industry and tourism opportunities and supporting the present and future economic health of the state,” Kasich stated.

Kasich noted that Utica Shale development has contributed to the rapid increase in natural gas production in Ohio, which was “almost 19 times greater in 2016 than in 2011.” He encouraged all Ohioans to “embrace natural energy and support programs that further the use and development of natural energy in the state of Ohio.”

OOGEEP stated in a release that during the month of October to promote energy awareness, it will engage Ohioans through educational programming, media outreach and social media. The organization has invited science teachers across Ohio to participate in challenges and educational activities that support STEM classroom learning.

“National Energy Awareness Month has special significance in Ohio due to the enormous impact of our state’s oil and natural gas industry,” said OOGEEP Executive Director Rhonda Reda. “We look forward to discussing the amazing advancements our society has made thanks to the innovative contributions of this industry.

Our nation is safer and healthier because of these products and our quality of life has never been higher. And, for over 150 years, this industry has been a reliable economic engine moving our state forward.”

Products that are made from refined crude oil and natural gas include: cosmetics such as soaps, cleansing creams, toothpaste, cologne, lipstick, shaving cream and suntan lotion; plastics used in sporting equipment, storage containers, toys, and artificial hearts; medicines such as aspirin, antihistamines, and antibiotics; fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and spandex; rubber used in gloves, shoes, tires, hoses, and belts; carbon black used in paints, ink, cements, batteries, TVs and computers; and waxes used to make candy, gum, candles and crayons.

In addition to being a prolific natural-gas producing state, Kasich noted in his resolution that the state of Ohio had the seventh-largest crude oil-refining capacity in the nation in 2016.


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