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One of the key factors in becoming a successful host is attracting enough guests to your property. You also want these guests to be the sort that will treat your home as their own and leave it in a good clean condition when they vacate. Therefore, you need to make sure you create a comprehensive and interesting listing, with plenty of photos that show off your property at its best.  Make sure the house is clean and tidy when you take these photos, with all curtains open and lights on, to make the space look as bright and airy as possible. While you are new to the site it can be worth reducing your rent slightly to attract customers until you build up a solid review base.

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Communication is key

As hosting services sell themselves over hotels due to the personal service and experiences they can offer, it is vital to make sure you communicate well with your guests. Replying to messages promptly when you receive enquiries and confirming bookings in a timely fashion will all contribute to a positive guest experience, increasing the likelihood of you obtaining those coveted 5 stars. It is best practise to be around when your guests arrive, to provide their keys and any extra information they may need. Beyond this many guests will appreciate their privacy so be available if required but otherwise it is best to make yourself scarce.

Thorough preparation

If you are considering hosting guests at your home then you need to make sure it is suitably prepared to receive them. Remember that these are paying guests, so although they should not expect hotel standards, it is reasonable for them to expect a high standard of cleanliness. It is also necessary to provide the basic amenities for a comfortable stay such as clean bedding and towels and supplies such as toilet roll. Things like enough plug sockets and somewhere to hang or store clothes and personal belongings is something that is often overlooked, but also important to overall guest satisfaction.

The small touches

To make your guests’ experience stand out from the rest there are a number of small touches that you can implement, which don’t cost much but can make a big difference to the overall enjoyment of a stay.  A product or foodstuff that your local area is famed for makes a nice gift to leave out for your guests upon arrival and an up-to-date and well-informed guide for their stay will always be well received. It is always worth checking who will make up the group that will be staying at your property and if there are children or animals, to provide suitable toys and equipment as necessary.

Make sure you’re covered

With so many other concerns to fill your mind, the last thing you want when hosting paying guests is to be worrying about any damage that they may cause, either inadvertently or maliciously. This is particularly true if you would not be able to afford a costly repair bill. Therefore, having a suitable home hosting insurance policy in place is incredibly important. Many standard policies will not be able to cover you if you let your home on a short-term basis, and the ones that do will often not sufficiently cover for your particular needs. It is also important to check with your mortgage provider that such activity is permitted under your current terms and if any additional fees will be due because of the alteration to your property’s use.

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