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Pecos Oil Field Housing Pecos Texas Hotels Week 45 of 2014 Oil Field Housing Trend Update: Currently we are having a large surge in requests from well companies service companies for housing for their oil field workers in Pecos Texas. Our typical check in right now is about 40 rooms. However in Pecos Texas there are no hotels left there and there are no man camps with availability. We have them all full. There is zero occupancy unless you go through and we use some of our previously reserved room blocks. As we watch this trend, I keep in mind when I've been told, by everyone in the business, to watch out for November and December's holiday slow downs. However that is not ever been our experience since 2010. Oil Field Housing and Hotel requests are growing more and more. We see more diversity such as service companies, construction companies, oil and gas drillers and now we are seeing a large influx of construction, pipeliners, and electrical infrastructure companies coming into the Permian basin looking for oil field housing. Because the nature of the business, is it hard for most frac, pressure pumping and coil tubing companies to forecast movement. In many cases they do not have the notification or the calendar organization to know when their crews are moving so we do advise, if you think your crews are moving in the next two days to seven days please call us and let us know. Time is of the essence! Please let us reserve your rooms now, otherwise they will be driving an hour or more to their drill sites in the Permian Basin western locations.

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