The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is investigating what could end up being the first case of water well contamination from fracking in Allegheny County, Pa., since the shale boom began, according to State Impact.

Shortly after the Midas 8M well was completed, a landowner near the well reported that his water well nearly dried up, its filtration system was clogged with sediment and debris, and a “foul” smell was emanating from drains inside his house, according to a complaint lodged with the DEP.

Due to state law, the company is automatically assumed to be at fault. However, prior to drilling the well, DEP documents also show the agency conducted water tests at the property and found elevated levels of iron and other metals in the water, over and above “pre-drill, expected” levels.

Huntley & Huntley Energy Exploration, the company that owns the well, is refuting the DEP’s finding. The agency continues to investigate materials the company has provided.

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