Ohio is finally coming out of the downturn in the natural gas industry that hit at the end of the year in 2014, according to Ohio Oil and Gas Association spokesperson Mike Chadsey.

In fact, Ohio natural gas production has grown every quarter since 2013. Furthermore, Ohio is the home of 60,000 active oil and gas wells and is the fifth largest natural gas producing state in the country.

The shale industry has dumped more than $60 billion into Ohio since 2011. It also employs over 200,000.

“We are seeing more rigs move into town. We’re seeing those rigs being more efficient. More effective, drilling faster, better wells. And the trend is still to the south in those hot areas. So that I believe has lived up to the hype. Particularly that’s where you’re seeing a lot of the assignment with the processing plants like Markwest. The possible ethane crack plant in Belmont County. So that’s really the heart of the play, is in Appalachia,” says Chadsey.



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