As fracking and oil exploration continues to grow throughout the United States, housing prices have inflated to rates that borderline lunacy.  The Associated Press recently published an article stating the average cost for a 700-sqaure-foot, one bedroom apartment in Williston, North Dakota is $2,394 per month.  On average, a comparable apartment in New York costs $1,504 and even the high priced Los Angeles area comes in at $1,411. Though fracking pay can range well in excess of $100,000, these high workforce housing rental costs are causing issue for companies, employees, and residents.


When landlords see the extreme rates others are charging for similar properties, they promptly increase the monthly rent on their homes and local residents are being displaced from their homes in cities throughout the US. Many families cannot sustain this high expenditure and are forced to relocate. While the rental properties are quickly filled with oilfield workers seeking workforce housing, the number of homelessness continue to rise. North Dakota saw an increase in homelessness by 200% last year alone.


Exploration, survey and fracking companies often pick up the bill for their employee’s housing while they are in the field. This can lead to extra monthly expenses well in excess of  $1,500 per employee. When the company does not offer housing to their employees, this creates a huge obstacle for the employee and can eliminate a significant amount of their earnings.


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