In 2017 we hosted 267 guests, earned 5 star reviews 85% of the time with no cancellations. In january 2018 we earned the Airbnb Superhost badge.  Apart from the usual Airbnb Superhost Requirements, this is our top tips for becoming an Airbnb superhost:

Airbnb hosting tips #1:

Provide flowers, champagne and fruits

Who doesn’t love a bowl of fruit, a chocolate on the pillow or some flowers or a refreshment on the table when they arrive to their room? It doesn’t take much time to provide this, and it will make your airbnb guests very happy – guaranteed 🙂

Airbnb hosting tips #2:

Pick your guests up at the nearest station

When I arrive to a new place, I’m usually tired and confused and the last thing I’d like to do is stressing around trying to find a new address. From my experience as a host, I’ve found that no matter how detailed directions you give to people, some people will always fail to read them properly and get lost, and lost guests are more likely to be annoyed. Picking your guests up at the nearest station / bus / tram stop will save your guests a lot of time and frustration.

Airbnb hosting tips #3:

Provide your guests with a map

Maps can sometimes be difficult to find and many places you’ll have to pay for maps. Your guests will definately appreciate it if you provide them with a map and some suggestions what to do and see in your city.

Airbnb hosting tips #4:

Make sure the room is dust free (really dust free!)

No matter how clean the room or apartment looks on the surface, some people WILL check unlikely places like behind closets, under the bed, on top of doors etc.

If you’d like top notch feedback on cleanliness, all these places must be clean – all the time!. It takes some extra effort, but you’ll be rewared by a higher score.

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Airbnb hosting tips #5:

Respect privacy and provide a key

Although most Airbnb travelers appreciate a brief talk to a local (that’s the whole concept, isn’t it), more people than you think prefer to explore on their own and to have their privacy during their stay. If your guests seem like they want to keep to themselves, respect their need for privacy and don’t constantly knock on their door for company. This also means do not enter their room without permission or go through their things. I’ve also experienced that  most people feel more comfortable if they have the possibilty to lock the door to their room.

Airbnb hosting tips #6:

Provide your Airbnb guests with their own waterboiler and tea / instant coffee

Not everyone feel comfortable about hanging in the kitchen all the time and a lot of guests have told me or written in their reviews how much they love to have access to tea / instant coffee + a waterboiler in their room, making it possible for them to make a hot drink whenever they want to.

Airbnb hosting tips #7:

Get more bookings with better marketing

This point is for those hosts who’d like to get more bookings from Airbnb. In the following articles we explain how to improve your Airbnb ranking and get to the top when someone searches for a property like yours:

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Airbnb SEO tips

If you’re an active host wanting more bookings and income, you should also consider to put your properties on other websites like Airbnb. 

Airbnb hosting tips #8:

Review strategies

Hosts and guests can leave mutual reviews up to two weeks after departure. After the two week period has experied, it will not be possible to leave a review anymore. 

If you expect a positive review, review your guest as quickly as possible and kindly ask them to leave a rating and a positive comment in return. 

If you for some reason expect a negative review, wait as long as you can. If the two week mutual review period expires, problem solved. If the guests leaves a review, wait till you get the notice “last chance to review guest xxx” to leave a review in return. This way it will take some time for the possible negativ review to appear on your listing and there is a good chance of getting other positive reviews in the meantime. 

Airbnb hosting tips #9

Put a guest book for your happy guests to leave a comment

Put a guest book in your place for your Airbnb guests to leave a comment / greeting. People will always put positive comments in a guest book, and from my experience, people seem to enjoy reading positive comments from previous guests.

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Airbnb hosting tips #10

Provide basic ingredients

If a guest is renting with kitchen, put some basic ingredients such as salt, sugar, flour, oil, spices etc for your guest to use. It doesn’t cost much money and people really seem to appreciate it as it makes it so much easier for them to make food (they don’t have to buy everything). 

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