The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into an Ohio landowner’s claims that EnerVest Ltd., an oil-and-gas investments firm, sold valuable shale drilling rights on his property that should have been his to sell, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The investigation follows allegations made against the firm in a two-year-old civil case filed in Ohio’s Guernsey County, which involves both Enervest and Ascent Resources LLC. Following its purchase of drilling rights on the property coming from a 1980 lease agreement, Ascent Resources has delayed plans to drill because of the dispute.

The discrepancy surrounds the notion that the 1980 lease, which EnerVest acquired drilling rights from, was null and void when the 37-year-old gas well on the property stopped producing. Landowner, MattCrislip claims the well had been dead for many years, but EnerVest deceived him into believing it was still producing before selling off the rights to his land.

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