Segments of the home-building industry indicate they are up to the challenge of improving occupant safety. This is welcomed assurance seeing that weather extremes now seemingly occur in every season and are bringing far more intensified blasts of wind, rain, heat, drought, ice and snow.

Did you know that owning a stronger, safer, impact-resilient house — and one that requires far less energy consumption to heat and cool — is already possible due to advancements in green-construction technology? For a decade and more, eco-conscious homeowners have been opting for a concrete wall-building system to replace standard wood framing. Called the ICF system, these insulated concrete forms are preassembled before reaching the construction site. Instead of the lengthy process of building a wood frame, ICFs interlock (like Lego) to assemble a rock-solid envelope. According to Nudura, a leading innovator in this field, the immediate homeowner benefits are as follows: you get impact-resistance from wind up to 250 miles per hour; a fire-resistance rate up to four hours; a greater sound barrier for more peace and quiet inside; energy cost-savings up to 50 percent; a home with even temperatures in every room; and thanks to far less wood everywhere causing mold and toxins, occupant breathing is cleaner and easier.

The material planned for your walls is a decision to be made early in the process and more information is available online at

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