Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian. Congressman Bill Johnson (R-Marietta) released the following statement after introducing H.R. 3846, the Providing Opportunities with Energy Revenues (POWER) Counties Act:

“There is little doubt that Eastern and Southeastern Ohio are at the center of America’s energy renaissance. Energy development is having a positive impact on virtually every sector of our economy, including education. Our students are learning about the many job opportunities that have arrived – and will continue to arrive – resulting from the oil and gas boom. Schools are expanding their programs to help prepare students for new and exciting careers here at home, where they have been raised and educated.

“As it stands now, the federal government, and some states, receive revenue in the form of royalties and permit fees from energy companies that develop energy on federally owned land, such as the Wayne National Forest. However, Ohio counties do not directly receive any of this revenue. This is wrong, and the POWER Act, which I introduced [Thursday], would remedy this. My legislation calls for 20 percent of this revenue to be redirected back to the counties where those federal lands are located, where the funding can be used to support education initiatives and infrastructure improvements. This is a simple issue of fairness, and there would be no additional expense to the taxpayer.

“I am hopeful the House of Representatives will soon debate this bill and pass it. Because you – the hardworking taxpayers — deserve to share the benefits derived from energy development on local lands.”

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