CNX Gas Company recently agreed to two civil penalties totaling $433,500 for violations at well sites in Greene County, according to an announcement by the Pennsylvania Department Of Environmental Protection.

A penalty of $241,000 was assessed for violations at CNX’s GH9AHSU And GH53BHS well sites, and $192,400 for violations at the GH58HHS and GH46AHS well sites.

CNX was cited for the following violations:

  • Failure to properly control, dispose and collect flowback and drilling fluids.
  • Failure to maintain containment during drilling and hydraulic fracturing activities.
  • Unauthorized disposal of residual waste.
  • Unauthorized discharge of industrial waste into the waters of the Commonwealth.
  • Failure to maintain erosion and sedimentation Best Management Practices (BMPs) in accordance with the associated permit.
  • Failure to implement effective BMPs to minimize erosion and sedimentation.
  • Failure to maintain alternate waste storage practices requested by CNX and approved by DEP.

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