How to Effectively Manage Travel Expenses and Generate Timely Expense Reports

Face it. Expense reports are the proverbial thorn in every business traveler’s side. No matter how little or much you travel, they’re simply unavoidable, much like flight delays and cancellations. Adding to all the stress, most companies have strict policies for how long you can go after a trip before you must submit your expense report. And then there’s the hassle of keeping up and organizing all your receipts: meals, tolls, car rentals, fuel, parking, and the list goes on. Before you know it, you’re carrying a small mountain of receipts. And if you should lose one, it’s literally like mission impossible to get a replacement for a lost receipt. Not to mention that the longer you delay, the more you risk reimbursement.

No matter where your business travel takes you, TripCase frees you from the paper receipt mountain. With the receipt feature, photos of your receipts are saved at trip level in TripCase. You can organize your receipts with titles and notes and safely store them in the cloud. Then, you can email your stored receipts as a PDF, making expensing your trip that much easier when you return to the office. In other words, snap it, save it, expense it. Now, there’s no more time spent agonizing over lost receipts and worrying about reimbursement for travel expenses. TripCase makes it all a snap.

Receipts is an in-app purchase feature of TripCase. We want to make sure our travelers love it first, so we are allowing users to try it free for one month before an annual fee of $5.99 is applied. This is our way of continuing to make TripCase a single place for all your trips!

Corporate housing rentals are perfect for businessmen who need to travel frequently. A corporate housing rental stay would be preferred over a hotel for most people. Hotels can be very pricey even if the stay is short term. I would much rather stay in a fully furnished apartments with a kitchen than a hotel room. Corporate housing will save the company a lot of money when sending employees out on business trips to get rentals. This way if the employees needed an extended stay, it would not cost any more money to the company.

Corporate housing is such a great way to save money when sending employees out on national business trips. Staying in a hotel adds a lot of extra money to the trip unless you stay in corporate housing. Corporate housing rentals are not only less expensive but are more comfortable temporary housing for businessmen. They are usually in meetings all day long and enjoy coming home to fully furnished corporate housing rentals.

Corporate housing will make a employees' trip a lot more comfortable and he/she will be more likely to work harder. Corporate housing furnished apartments are the way to go when the need to send employees out on national trips is high.

Corporate housing rentals will provide your company with many benefits. The employees will feel more at home in furnished corporate housing rentals. They will be more productive and deliver in meetings.

Corporate housing for short term stay is a great way to go. If the trip goes longer as planned, it will not be a big deal to stay another night. As for a hotel, extended stay is costly and an employees may rush the work he/she was sent to do. Corporate housing is the best solution to a lot of problems that business trips create.

Corporate housing furnished apartments are great for business trips that are made often but are short term. Corporate housing will allow employees to feel like they have a second home instead of staying in hotels all the time. Even though its a short term stay, these corporate housing rentals could have fully furnished bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Some corporate housing rentals also provide laundry rooms and internet service.

Corporate housing rentals can even have enough room to hold executive meetings in. There are usually rooms that can function for different purposes. You would not even have to leave your corporate housing rental for business.

Corporate housing rentals allow businessmen to cook their own food in the kitchen provided. Even for short term, businessmen get sick of fast food and restaurants. Corporate housing will save you money in food as well.

Corporate housing rentals are the perfect place to stay for your business trip. Anyone can stay there, you can even rent it out to other businessmen for short term when they are vacant. Corporate housing rentals will make your stay very comfortable that you will not mind an extended stay since they are furnished apartments, and give you the comfort of your own home. Corporate housing will make business trips actually enjoyable.

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Did you know Serviced Apartments are the best alternative when it comes to feeling at home when not at home…!? ‘’Yes’’, it sounds like your average opening sentence for holiday rental homes somewhere in sunny Spain and ‘’no’’ it is not in anyway that.

Please allow me to give you a quick insight in the world of Serviced Apartments . Are we guru’s…? No! Do we know our business… YES! After reading this you will never again have to think what those ‘’funny’’ words Serviced Apartments mean and what the difference with a hotel is.


We started this service when a client noticed that his employees were getting less productive as staying in small hotel rooms with microwave meals for weeks at a time was working on there nerves. The client needed a more flexible solutions. That is where OV Corporate Housing  started, having four fully furnished apartments and a small front desk. For the client  Serviced Apartments gave his employees a sense of freedom, having more space and the ability to cook. A Serviced Apartments started to appeal to more and more people, four apartments quickly became 20 apartments. Adding in-house maintenance, bicycle rental services and other hotel facilities to the concept. Over the course of 11-years Serviced Apartments has grown significantly. Currently boosting over 300 fully furnished apartments, spread out over two central locations (Amsterdam-Buitenveldert and Amsterdam-Amstelveen) and complimented by a 24-hour reception desk, weekly cleaning service, fitness & wellness facilities, Wi-Fi capabilities and several meal services among many.

Hotels are great for short visits, were things such as cooking your meals are not relevant. When a descent bed and on-demand service is what you need. Serviced apartments give you the opportunity to settle in, even if you are only in town for a week. By giving you the freedom of your own house/apartment and adding the service of a hotel to it.

I can hear you thinking, ‘’this sounds like you are selling me air’’. First off I am not good at selling air, I am however good at sharing thoughts. Second off what if I told you Serviced Apartments are actually cheaper then your everyday hotel (over the course of a week). This has everything to do with the flexibility of the concept. Not having services such as daily cleaning, a fully operational restaurant and room service decreases the costs of a Serviced Apartment immensely. Even more so when considering that sharing apartments is very common, because of the space. This could potentially cut the costs in half.

What Serviced Apartments offer as opposed to hotels (summary):

  • More space (square meters, full size kitchen, multiple rooms);
  • More privacy;
  • All-inclusive rates (relatively low compared to hotel rates because off the lack off daily cleaning, a restaurant and room service);
  • Both short-term and long-term lengths of stay possible, starting from five nights up to years.
  • The flexibility to create your own stay

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