Partnered with Veolia Water Technologies, Antero Midstream Partners will soon begin operations at its advanced wastewater treatment plant and adjoining landfill in northern West Virginia, upon their completion, according to Kallanish Energy.

The $500 million complex in Doddridge Count includes a state of the art wastewater plant and a landfill next door. The $275 million Antero Clearwater Facility will be used for water treatment and reuse. It is the largest facility of its kind in the Appalachian Basin. The landfill sits on a 500-acre site that will get about 2,100 tons of salt per day from the plant.

The new complex will provide recycled fresh water for Antero’s shale drilling and will provide reuse of that water after it is tainted with salt, heavy metals, chemicals and low-level radioactive wastes from drilling, rather than being injected into underground rock formations and disposal wells.

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